Star Light Projector

Star Light Projector

Star Light Projector

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Enjoy a Comfortable Atmosphere Under the Stars Moon!

Have a fascination to fill your room with stars? Want to create a relaxing environment for young children? Looking to intensify the mood of your party? Or Thinking to add a new lighting effect to enhance the aesthetics of your new decor? Well, whatever you seek, getting the best Star Light Projector is a logical answer!

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Star Projector & Galaxy Projector

The newest projector night light is combined with star projector night light & LED nebula projector night light & moon cloud starlight, there are 6 display modes and 6 colors: Stars-clouds-moon, stars-clouds, clouds-moon, stars-moon, moon, stars. The skylight with stars and nebula could moon will offer you an amazing bling room. You can light them together or separately.

Dual Alarm clock &Adjustable brightness

This starlight for the bedroom can set 2 different alarms which are convenient for family members. Its function for extra 5 mins sleep, starry sky night light projector has 4 brightness levels(10% 30% 60% 100%) and screen brightness can also be adjusted(low-Medium-High) for your option.

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Bluetooth Speaker & Soothing Sound

Built-in music speaker can work with your phones via Bluetooth, you can enjoy the music to relax, or play sleep soundly to help your baby/kids stay asleep peacefully. Galaxy light projector includes 14 sounds, 8 white noises, and 6 soft music(Water Drop, Insects, Campfire, Stream, Train, Rain, Wave, and white noise) This star projector can create any atmosphere you want.

Auto-off timer & Remote

Our star projector has 15min, 30min, 60min automatic shutdown timing settings, the starlight projector bedroom will automatically turn off when the preset time is reached. Of course, you can also cancel the timer by remote. Helps your kids fall asleep easily, and better sleep for you as well. And the timer can be canceled to stay on all night long. The remote can help you freely change lighting mode, adjust brightness, and so on.

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Adjustable Angle

This starry skylight has a puppy base, so you can place it at any angle you want.

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