Aurora Light Projector with Remote

Aurora Light Projector with Remote

Aurora Light Projector with Remote

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Create an Enjoyable and Relaxing Bedtime Experience for Children! 

Don’t have time for a seaside trip? Now you can see it at home or in your office simply by turning on Aurora Light Projector. It is an ocean wave projector with a mini speaker which allows you to enjoy the tranquility or relax after a day's work. It can play music with your TF card or connect with your device. It is also perfect for creating a watery ocean atmosphere, which can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, or any other area.

Project realistic aurora night light, it's rotatable, the gorgeous pattern &colors on the ceiling and wall are really cool to watch, lighting up your darkroom into underwater or colorful heaven, it's great for kids who have trouble falling asleep in the quiet, darkness bedroom to keep the"monsters" away. You can also adjust the brightness, the lowest setting is dim enough for parents to sleep with yet bright enough that the baby doesn't freak out in the dark. 

star light projector

Two Way Use

It is a little night light with a dome cover on it, a galaxy aurora projector when take off the cover. Project realistic aurora borealis and nebular light on ceiling or wall, create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children, soothe and comfort kids to sleep, also perfect for adults to attain a relaxing and calming effect.

Aurora Night Light Projector

Remote Control 4 Timer

With the remote, you can choose to set the timer with hour, 2 hours, 4hours. Also, you can decline the timer and use the light all night. Auto Shut Off After 1 hour, you can go to sleep with it and it will shut down on its own, really convenient in kids' bedroom. You can use the remote control to turn on/off the machine, rotate or not. Easy to set up by kids and adults.

Aurora Night Light Projector

Built-in Mini Speaker

It comes with an AUX cable in the package, just connect the light and your cellphone with the cable, then you can play music from the device. Volume adjustable, there is an audio cable in the package, you can plug in an iPod, iPhone, MP3 or other device and with another side plug into the light then play lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music through the projector while watching the patterns at night.

Aurora Night Light Projector


  • 1 x Projection Lamp
  • 1 x Audio Cable
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x AC Adapter

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